Measure the execution time Measuring the execution time of a script or program is part of a developer’s daily job. It is not enough to see if it consumes too much memory or too much CPU. We need to see if the software in its entire life cycle is fast enough. This is because the business logic of any software expects a certain task to be completed with a maximum time established by the programmer himself.
What is a switch? The switch is a statement that evaluates the accuracy or similarity of the value of a certain input. But isn’t that the same thing that the if statement does? Let’s see this statement starting with bash scripting language. case EXPRESSION in PATTERN_1) STATEMENTS ;; PATTERN_2) STATEMENTS ;; PATTERN_N) STATEMENTS ;; *) STATEMENTS ;; esac EXPRESSION is an expression (command) or a variable. PATTERN_N, is a value that is expected from EXPRESSION.