DevOps journey

Samba File Server 2021-05-02
Why a file server? One of the most common ways to network Linux and Windows computers is to configure Samba as a File Server. This section covers setting up a Samba server to share files with Windows clients. Configure Samba First of all, you have to prepare your machine with everything you need. To do this server, I’m using a Fedora 33 server OS. Let’s start by installing the packages needed to make our server a Samba file server.

Count the Code 2021-04-17
Measure the execution time Measuring the execution time of a script or program is part of a developer’s daily job. It is not enough to see if it consumes too much memory or too much CPU. We need to see if the software in its entire life cycle is fast enough. This is because the business logic of any software expects a certain task to be completed with a maximum time established by the programmer himself.

Secure Network 2021-04-11
When can a network be considered more or less secure? Tools to protect yourself There are many tools that are used to protect against external intruders: firewall, fail2ban, vmam. Firewall In a network the information exchanged can be of various nature and a given node may not always want to allow this information to be visible to all the other nodes in the network or to receive information of any type from the other nodes.

Zen of Open Source 2021-03-28
Open philosophy When can a project be defined as open-source? When, as the word says, you open the source code and make it available to other people. Of course, this is the first concept behind the open-source philosophy. But there is more. Open source license To make a project open-source first, you need to release it with a certain license. In fact, there are a lot of them. They all share the main philosophy, but differ from each other in small points.